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It lets you create and organize virtual sticky notes
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Ifavor Notes is an application designed to replace the regular paper sticky notes (like the well-known 3M Post-It notes). Ifavor Notes creates colorful virtual sticky notes on your desktop and manages them. When I stumbled upon this piece of software, I thought that it was just another memory consumer, so I was that close to passing it by. On second thought, I found it appealing that I could clear my house from those paper post-its, which were everywhere, from my fridge door to my desk. So I gave the application a try, especially when I noticed that Ifavor Notes had been especially designed for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. I was pleasantly surprised that installing this tiny application was very easy and that creating a sticky note on my Windows desktop was child’s play. So I started copying all the data from the paper sticky notes to my virtual notes on my computer, and I realized that Ifavor Notes can be easily used as a reminder, to write down the tasks to be done.

Its intuitive interface helped me create sticky notes very fast, so in a couple of minutes I was in the position of throwing away all my former paper post-its. Now, my computer desktop was filled with my virtual sticky notes, all in various appealing colors; but the beauty of it was that all of those notes occupied just a small place in the corner of the desktop, as these notes can be arranged as you like. You can hide them, display them or just minimize them, not to clutter your computer. In the end, I was very satisfied by this tiny application, as it performed very fast, it didn’t jam my computer and helped me get rid of all those paper post-its, which were everywhere in my house.

Amelia Wagner
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  • It is able to store a variety of information


  • You will always have to be close to your computer
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